Marketing, entertainment and social media

Marketing Ninja Cat loves marketing. Can you say the same about yourself? And if you do, what is it that you really love?

Being in the business we often just rush ahead, grab whatever works, and dump whatever doesn’t. But in the mad rush, it’s easy to forget the true purpose and nature of marketing.

So what is marketing? In the very core, marketing is an information modification and propelling tool. In the times long long ago, marketing essentially was used to convey a message about product existence. Then, when more products got introduced to the market, marketing would help people sort out the differences. Then, when even more information tried to reach the customers, marketing would channel those and target customers, that could potentially buy the product.

But what is marketing nowadays? The question might sound trivial, but it is worth asking, especially in the context of social media. What happened essentially, was people losing trust in marketing, advertising and everything else, that was supposed to help them achieve satisfaction from their buys. With traditional advertisers aggressively fighting for a share of the audience attention, what was left on the battlefield was numbness.

And that’s where social media and social consumerism came in – with recommendations coming from real people, the true nature of marketing got reviewed. Again, can it serve its initial purpose – to serve and sort information that lead to satisfying consumption. But, it’s a slippery ground, where brands often struggle to balance out their level of participation in the fragmentized dialogues.

But there is also another change, that marketers must deal with – the changing nature of the buying process itself. Buying has always been a thrill, and a deep part of our social and privet life. But with the abundance of media and communication channels, buying becomes the most common form of entertainment we serve ourselves. And we share the thrill with others, as well as leech the joy of the spending others share.

It is not conspicuous consumption – it’s a lifestyle thing. Purchasing new products is no different than watching a movie or going on  roller-coaster ride, the thrill is in its core the same. And just as we share photos from vacation and tales of our adventures, shopping and consumption becomes an inherent part of our life that we share in public.

Does the new media prompt it? Hell yeah. So what does this mean? My point is, that marketing nowadays goes though a deep transformation – it’s information filtering and targeting options are slowly moving toward social consumerism. At the same time, brand experience is becoming is becoming a form of entertainment. Marketers can no longer expect to hit people with their brand message, as the message will be filtered and formed on the base of consumer-experience. What the marketers can up play is the fun and entertainment factor, that can draw attention, and to some extent trade attention for entertainment.


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