Time matters in social media.

Ninja Cat joined Twitter in Feb 2009. Oh joyous days when most people could not even properly spell Tweeter, and having a Facebook Fan Page seemed like the most outrageous idea for businesses.

At that time Twitter crowds were mostly geeks and social media wannabes, and sharing links to interesting resources was the thing to do. Sharing how emo you feel today on Twitter? Not cool, go do that on Facebook.

But nowadays everything is switched up. Twitter is full of various rants and tidbits of personal information, while Facebook feeds swell with posts created by brand accounts. Whazzup?

What made the roles switch, and commercialize Facebook, while adding the emo spark to Twitter? Evolution that comes with time. Time is the single most important factor in social media, and at the same time, one that is most often overlooked, as marketers cling to their convictions or previous success, and just can’t move on.

The past year has been a rise of content aggregations – take Mashable for example. The smart blog that offered straight-to-the point brilliant articles evolved into a huge aggregate that basically vomits content, and builds a story around every little scrap of information hey can get. If you want to know what is the current social media buzz – you just go there. There is little more you can find by checking out links shared on Twitter – going to Mashable is far more time efficient.

Another trend that unfolded in the recent months is furthering commercialization of Facebook. No more do your friends share deep thoughts or observations on the cruelness of the world, no more do they update the feed with mundane info on what they are doing, eating or watching. Sharing links or viral videos is no more as intense as before, because brands correctly figured out, that they are not limited to sharing links just to their content, but can aim to become our virtual buddies, by sharing all things fun and interesting.

What is propelling further commercialization of Facebook is the obvious money that lays in marketing of businesses, and although Facebook tries to provide the users with best possible experience, they are also back-rubbing the MNC and eying what budget they can leech out of them.

So what is the moral of the story? Don’t hold to convictions. The Twitter and Facebook that you know today are nothing like just few months back. This is also a warning sign to businesses not to plan too far ahead – in social media marketing staying nimble is the best strategy.


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