So how does a social media product life cycle look like?

Stage 1: no one gives a damn.

Stage 2: Early adapters, a.k.a. people who think novelty=improvement, will give it a try.

Stage 3: tech savvy people will give a try. Their friends think the tech savvy people are cool, and give a damn if the tech savvy people like the product.

Stage 4: the minions, followers and disciples of cool tech savvy people give a damn about the product, as much as the tech savvy people do.

Stage 5: Friends and families of minions, followers and disciples start using the product. Everyone is having a good time.

Stage 6: People who don’t give a damn also want to use the product, because they don’t want to seem like they are missing out. But in fact they still don’t give a damn.

Stage 7: Tech savvy people get bored with the product and dump it. Their minions do the same.

Stage 8: a handful of people who like the product remain, and a lot of people who don’t give a damn. Singapore agencies think that the product is finally popular and mature enough to engage it in promotional tactics.

Stage 9: Promotional tactics fail, because most people just don’t give a damn. Dreams get crushed and your pet unicorn dies.

The end.


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