The totally uncool

I wish brands would get it. No, seriously “get it” and stop the bullshit contest of “get your friends to vote for your entry on our fan page”.

Why? First of all, it’s not cool. Begging your friends and pestering your family, so that “you” can win something is seriously rude. But that is the personal aspect of it.

But then comes the marketing aspect. I know most people in digital marketing have evolved from traditional marketing and so they still have lack the basic grasp of the whole concept of engagement. What they want is numbers. As long as they can believe they can rub their message into as many eye-balls as possible, they feel happy. And bullshit to their bosses/clients that they achieved something.

But hello? Dear bullshit marketer, have you ever considered that even if I press the “Like” button, that I still “don’t like” you, your brand, and don’t give a rats arse about whatever you want to tell me? That even if you magically spam my feed, my eyes will skip whatever you wrote, just as efficiently as they skip the advertisement in print media?

This seriously ticks me off. Because I have low tolerance for bullshit, and the whole concept of “oh, let’s get people to post something on our Fan Page and do the dirty job of drawing traffic to our website” is the no.1 tactic from the “Bullshit of Social Media Marketing” cook-book.

Ok, I hear your pain, that how to draw traffic to your website then. I say, go two ways about it. Either stop looking at the numbers, and focus on how many of your fans actually give a damn, and build on that. And keep in mind that freebies and contest often change our relationships with things: people who might have loved your brand and would speak about it from their own will, might change their attitude when prizes are presented to “oh, I’m doing it just for the iPad (or other typical prize)”. It’s a fast and efficient way to kill any form of brand evangelism in your true fans.

Another way is to get more creative. Don’t push the number value so much – maybe set a lower limit, like “get ten of your friends to “like” the photo on our fan page, to be considered for a lucky draw”. You might get lesser numbers, but the persons involved might actually take on the role of explaining your brand to people they will find most likely to join your page with minimal push, or with probable interest in your brand. Also, more people might be wiling to participate in your contest, even if their social media circles are not huge.
Or get the “likers” to be potential winners as well.

The Ninja Cat “Protecting you from phony Social Media marketing”


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