Ninja Cat asks, if business OD on Fan Pages?

Ninja Cat joined a few fan pages (for yoghurt, cute clothes and some pretty things). And for most time Ninja Cat was very content with the pages she joined.

But then many business noticed that Fan Pages could be a good way to have a Facebook presence. Even Ninja Cat has adviced clients to have Fan Pages. Then smart business owners noticed that the more they post, the more fans they get. So business owners post, post, post till they can’t post more. They post randomness, they post same thing they posted previous day.

Then one day Ninja Cat noticed, that her Facebook feed became very cluttered with Fan Pages posts. Few weeks later Ninja Cat observed that less and less fans join the pages she has under her paws. She discovered same for other Fan Pages she keeps her eyes on.

As much as just few months ago people liked joining any Fan Pages they stumbled upon. Nowadays they became more picky. No more joining, just because friends join. No more joining, because the brand is cool. No more joining, simply to avoid potential spam.

Does Ninja Cat think business shoot itself in foot by creating noise, rather than content? Yes. Will it be harder to benefit from having a Fan Page? Certainly, because it will be harder to break though the noise created by other pages.

So what now? – you could ask Ninja Cat. And Ninja Cat says, wait for hoomins to master the art of leaving Fan Pages that don’t give them valuable content and benefits. Also wait for hoomins to learn to remove spammers from their feeds and join pages of products they are interested in.

If you are a Fan Page owner, be graceful and respectful. Don’t post, if you don’t have anything to say. There is no need to post daily.  Show fans why the Fan Page has value. Talk to them, entertain them. But don’t spam them. They will appreciate you.


One response to “Ninja Cat asks, if business OD on Fan Pages?

  1. Yep, spamming your fans is a big nono.

    At the same time, posting less isn’t very healthy either.

    I’d think a good way is to prepare good “backup” content 6 months in advance, so you always have something good to post.

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