Ninja Cat likes how bloggers get engaged

Ninja Cat has been watching over Singapore’s social media scene and recently has noticed a lot of activities that involwe blogger in promotions:

Sony Vaio W promotion Fan Page gathers bloggers who create media about how their life was improved by their brand new laptops. Bloggers send traffic back to Fan Page asking their friends and fans to “Like” their media that is reposted on the page, but the page itself promotes the media created by bloggers with giving links back to their blogs.

Dove “go fresh” challenge again invited bloggers create a lot of media (with focus on video) and send traffic back to the fan page.  Ninja Cat is a bit disturbed by homemade videos of young girls under the shower, and hopes they don’t get to much stalking.

Happy it’s here – the organizers gathered a group of bloggers and occasionally link back traffic to blogs, if the bloggers touch on the relevant subjects. Bloggers use graphic design provided by organizers and propagate information given by the organizers.

What Ninja Cat really likes about those contests, are how the organizers give bloggers traffic and exposure in exchange for content. Traditionaly marketers used to be very greedy about traffic, and would not share it with bloggers. Such route was taken by Samsung Omnia II contest, where organizers took content from bloggers, but took a lot of effort in not sendign traffic back to their blogs.

For Ninja Cat it makes more sence to send traffic to bloggers – bloggers are naturally more trustworthy and amiable than any promo-page. Bloggers also have the ability to nurture relationships, that go beond promotion periods. Blogs are easier to follow though multiple RSS tracking applications, while promo pages require intentional visits.

Agencies and selfish corporations, that want to keep all the traffic to themselves are shooting themselves in the foot in Ninja Cat’s humble opinion. Google proved that as a business they need to make people use the Internet first, to earn of them later. In same manner companies and agencies must ensure bloggers who work for their promotions can nurture sustainable communities.

Being greedy is not the way. Ninja Cat says more love, can make the world a better place.


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