Ninja Cat thinks is good when you know what you doing

Ninja Cat is well aware that many before her have blogged about the importance of strategy when planing online presence. But although Ninja Cat have seen so many blogs and talked about the importance of strategy, she still thinks most hoomins are not doing it rite.

Ninja Cat gets all mad and do “tsk tsk” whenever a client or collegue asks Ninja Cat “what can we do on social media?“. It’s not that Ninja Cat dun like to share ideas, but Ninja Cat strongly believes that it’s not good approach to ask what can business do on media. It’s better to ask what media can do for business. Ninja Cat always likes to figure out first:

– Why does business need an on-line presence?

– What are the goals of on-line pressence?

– What benefits can business achieve on-line? What benefits can it achieve exclusively on-line?

– What type of relationships does the business want to build on-line with its customers?

After the answers are figured out, then planning of features can begin. Ninja Cat usualy finds 4 types of sites and their needs:

Sites that do brand impression and evoke immediate action – those sites usually sell goods that are consumed quickly – in example sites used to promote an event, or selling goods focused on price promotion. Such sites can use banner for promotions, eDMs and occasional contests and specific promotions.

Sites that build brand image – such sites inform the visitor of many brand aspects, present offer and build a strong brand image in recipients mind. Their aim is to imprint the user with impression of brand quality and be top-of-mind brand when customer makes a purchase decision. Examples of such pages include any corporate website or FMCG sites. Such sites can utilize newsletters, updates and applications to communicate with users. Some presence in social media can be considered.

Sites that build strong brand experience – sites like that are usually used as the vehicle to drive sales of goods that are either luxurious, or intended for repetitive buys. This can include cars, branded clothing or cosmetics, etc. As those goods require a more conscious decision upon buy, the build up of consumer loyalty and their spending desire requires building a relationship. Such sites usually utilize the full spectrum of social media, brand ambassadors, applications, games, take-aways and rich media.

Function sites – that provide a certain type of service to existing clients, in example: bank sites, or government sites. They have a mission to accomplish, while having the field to convey additional messages and build relationships with customers. Such sites can use some functions of social media, offer other usefull applications and eDMs.

Ninja Cat gave it a lot of thought recently, because she notice many customers ask for features for their sites that don’t do anything for their businesses. From corporate sites that ask for UGC, to brand impression sites asking for relationship building. Ninja Cat finds it very disturbing, because such businesses will not benefit from their sites and after a while will feel the burden of cost and resources being devoted to a site that does not work for them.

If you need help figuring out what your business needs from on-line, you can always e-mail Ninja Cat at


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