Ninja Cat wonders why you want repetitive traffic

Ninja Cat often meet clients who ask Ninja Cat, what can they do to have one user visit their site frequently.

Ninja Cat wonders, why would hoomins want other hoomins visit their site all the time. Ninja Cat wonders, because everything hoomin do with site, should have objective. Ninja Cat can imagine following reasons for wanting repetitive traffic:

– Visiting user can click on paid banners, and earn money for page owners (this applies to blog, news services, community portals)

– Visitng user can leave comments or other UGC to enhance value of the site (applies to blogs and communities)

– Can engage in other activities which the site serves (participate in events, attend meeting, donate money – applies to profit and non-profit organizations)

– If site sell something, then might want user to come back to look at other offer (applies to everyday consumable goods like cosmetics, clothes, books or complimentary goods – insurance plans, telephone plans)

– Maybe site sell something that takes time and consideration before buy, so user come back a few times to check (applies to luxury goods like cars, watches, trips)

But Ninja Cat think, that to come back few times before make decision is rare case, and also mean page might not be powerful enough to convert potential customer to customer. So if that is the case for your page, Ninja Cat suggest you re-think if customer get all the needed information without hustle.

There is only one recipe for repetitive visit, and there is no running away from it. If you want people to come back, offer fresh content. Ninja Cat think that most pages can be consumed at one visit, thats why she is always puzzled why so many clients want user to come back.

Ninja Cat think, that before you set a goal for your page to have repetitive visit, you should ask:

– Why do I need user to come back?

– Do I need the user to come back?

– Will the user gain anything from repetitive visit?

– What will I gain from repetitive traffic?

Ninja cat have assumption, that client mistake numbers for page success.It’s like having a clothing store with lots of people browsing and almost bumping into each other because of the crowd. But if no one buy clothes, then it’s just waste of effort. Additionally, if owner don’t put in new collection, then why would customers come back?

Maybe hoomins mistake recurring traffic, with referred traffic? If site get lots of links and recommendations, than it means is good too.

Ninja Cat thinks that before owner of page want repetitive traffic, he should know what is the objective behind it. And that objective should be part of the general strategy for the site.


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