Brewerkz and Yoguru almost got it rite

Ninja Cat thinks giving out freebies for first 1 000 fans is an interesting idea. It shows that the company is ready to give something to the fans, and the probability of all 1 000 fans claiming the freebie is highly unlikely, so it’s safe for the company budget. Fans feel all warm and fuzzy, showered by love from company, and company can speed up hitting the psychological 1000 mark.

But Ninja Cat wonders if such giveaways are good idea for everyone. So last few days she observe two brands struggling to hit the 1000 fans mark.

Brewerkz promised a pint of lager to first 1 000 fans. Even Ninja Cat likes beer, and free beer even more. So when Brewerkz announce their offer, Twitter folk reacted with enthusiasm, with over 30 retweets .  The fan base swelled within minutes, and beer-talks sparked. However, Brewerkz failed to get 1000 fans.

Yoguru followed same tactic and promised yummy yogurt to first 1 000 fans. Ninja Cat likes yogurt too.But despite weeks of asking, inviting, pleading and nagging, the fan base crawled slowly. Seeding attempts on Twitter did get a few re-twitts, but no one went crazy or wanted to talk about yogurt.

Ninja Cat likes yougur and beer

Ninja Cat likes yogurt and beer

So now, Ninja Cat is wondering if it was a good move for both brands to promote themselves with freebie offerings. For Brewerkz it was easy to build up the hype, but it’s not that hard to find 1-for-1 offers, and other promos for beer. Plus, Ninja Cat wonders how likely is that  a fan would go down to Brewerkz just to collect one pint of beer?

Yoguru did not have the excitement factor to their offer, but in reality, it might have been far more valuable than Brewerkz, but still it was hard for the public to see it as an offer worth spending their time on.

Offering freebies is also dangerous to bran image: it cheapens the perception of product.  And if producer has so many resources to give away a 1 000 freebies, than does this mean the usual price is actually a rip-off?

Ninja Cat thinks it’s a better idea to give less, but more valuble prizes. A $50 voucher to every 100 fan, or a full blown dinner for the number 1000 fan and 9 of his friends? Ninja Cat would like that! Or if Yoguru actually gave something special to fans – a unique gratification, like special edition topping? Or free yogurt topping for a year to 10 lucky draw fans?


One response to “Brewerkz and Yoguru almost got it rite

  1. Hi Ninja Cat, thanks for writing about our promotion! 🙂 I love your illustrations!

    Anyway, the offer was actually for Facebook fans only and, thankfully, we did hit the target. So the promotion worked quite well for us! Please do share any other ideas you think might work for us!

    Cheers to beer & yoghurt!
    Lisa 🙂

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